Personality disorder essay

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personality disorder essay

Personality Disorder Definition. Personality disorders are a diagnostic category of psychiatric disorders that affect approximately 10% of the population. The general consensus is that disturbed identity is one of the defining characteristics of borderline personality disorder. So far it has not been possible to reach a. Free Essays from Help Me | has a personality disorder(that I know of) but based on what I know about them, I take pity on those who have to suffer.

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Those suffering from PPD are difficult to get along with and uncooperative, which makes them unsuited for most work environments. Several psychological theories of personality disorders attempt to explain the psychosocial origins of personality disorders. The person with AVPD feels inadequate and demonstrates hypersensitivity in social situations. There are now several highly effective treatments for personality disorders that derive from the same psychological theories previously reviewed. A person with schizoid personality disorder typically does not seek close relationships, chooses to be alone and seems to not care about praise or criticism from others. The genetic disposition is partly because personality traits are inheritable and these traits play a significant role in personality disorders Livesley, Many patients, as well as families, find it hard to accept a diagnosis of personality disorder. As research disorder, these treatment approaches will be further refined. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps the patient to identify maladaptive behaviors or beliefs and make the necessary changes, therefore, reducing the negative moods personality anxiety symptoms prevalent in some forms of Essay. Since personality disorders predispose the person to get depressed, antidepressants can be used to manage depressive moods. Clinical Psychology. In addition to this, the individual will demonstrate superficial emotional expression and essay to be melodramatic. Disorder leads to a low self-esteem and social phobia. A person with borderline personality disorder may go to great lengths to avoid being abandoned, have repeated suicide attempts, display inappropriate personality anger or personaloty ongoing feelings of emptiness. personality disorder essay

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